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Health Information Exchange

Welcome to the latest advancement in health care – and the opportunity to be part of it.  Join physicians, hospitals, labs and others in a statewide network that:

  • Connects physicians, labs, and other health care providers – and the patients they serve
  • Saves providers time and reduces administrative costs
  • Supports quality initiatives (i.e. Meaningful Use, Patient Centered Medical Home, etc)
  • Connects directly to Public Health for required reporting
  • Is the gateway to West Virginia’s advance directive registry
  • Allows providers to send referrals electronically, eliminating the need for faxing referral forms

WVHIN’s HIE service is instrumental in securely getting patient health information to health care providers at the point of care in a matter of seconds.  One connection to the WVHIN’s HIE allows providers to access information from other providers and systems connected to the HIE.

HIE from a System Perspective

HIE from a System Perspective:  Disparate electronic health record (EHR) systems and other health information technology systems that cannot communicate with one another are able to share patient health information securely and seamlessly due to WVHIN’s HIE service.

HIE from a Provider Workflow Perspective

HIE from a Provider Workflow Perspective:  One connection to WVHIN’s HIE allows providers to access needed patient health information from other providers connected to the WVHIN and perform mandatory public health reporting requirements.

Are you interested in seeing a demo of the WVHIN’s HIE system?  Contact us today at info@wvhin.org and request a demo.