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Complaint Handling & Resolution

Any organization that will touch the lives of so many residents of West Virginia must undertake reasonable efforts to remain accountable. The accountability of a Health Information Exchange has long been a fundamental building block of the information exchange movement nationally.

The WVHIN has established a method for both healthcare consumers and providers to express questions or concerns with any aspect of the operation of the WVHIN's HIE. (see, WVHIN Complaint Handling and Resolution)

If you desire to file a formal Complaint (Question or Concern) please keep in mind...

1. Any Patient, Participating Provider, or Authorized User may register a complaint about any aspect of the operations of the WVHIN. Such complaint must be in writing on a Complaint Form developed and approved by the WVHIN. (see, WVHIN Complaint Form)

2. Verbal complaints will not be accepted by the WVHIN.

3. All completed Complaint Forms must be directed to the WVHIN’s Privacy Officer.

West Virginia Health Information Network
100 Dee Drive
Charleston, WV 25311
Attn: Privacy Officer

4. You may request that the WVHIN maintain the confidentiality of the identity of the complaining party. The WVHIN will respect this request for confidentiality unless, by doing so, it would place the complaining party or any other person at significant risk or physical, mental, or financial harm, or unless disclosure is otherwise required by law.

5. If a Patient, Participating Provider, or Authorized User is not satisfied by the WVHIN’s proposed resolution of the complaint, he or she may have it forwarded to the Executive Director of the West Virginia Health Care Authority for further review and consideration in accordance with the policies and procedures of that agency.